Angio SuiteThe ANGIO SUITE for GIMIAS allows to perform an entire workflow from medical images to morphological characterization of the aneurysm sac and parent vessels, virtual treatment and advanced visualization of fluid dynamic simulation results. This helps the clinician to assess the aneurysm rupture risk and choose the best treatment option. Read more...  

Main features:

  • load and navigate images in DICOM format from different clinical equipments and different modalities (3DRA, MRA, CTA)
  • automatic segmentation of the aneurysm and surrounding vessels
  • mesh editing and refinement
  • automatic computation of aneurysm morphological descriptors
  • comparison of aneurysm shape with aneurysms in database
  • virtual stenting
  • X-ray rendering visualization
  • virtual angiography
  • visualization of CFD simulation results with streamlines and color LUT


Step 1 - Load medical image: Use the DICOM plug-in to load the patient's medical image. This plug-in allows to load different image modalities: 3DRA, MRA, CTA.


Step 2 - Extract aneurysm geometry: select the region of interest and extract the geometryof the aneurysm and the surrounding vessels from the medical image, using automatic segmentation algorythms.

GIMIAS Angio Segmentation Plug-in

Step 3 - Mesh editing: refine the mesh obtained from the image sementation and isolate the structures of interest.

GIMIAS Mesh Editor Plug-in

Step 4 - Morphologycal analysis: obtain a morphological characterization of the aneurysmsac and parent vessels. Perform a similarity search in a database of aneurysms with known clinical history.

GIMIAS Angio Morphology Plug-in

Step 5 - Virtual treatment: simulate the deployment of one or more stents within the vessel.

GIMIAS Virtual Stenting Plug-in

Step 6 - Simulation results: visualize the outcome of the simulated treatment.

GIMIAS Virtual Angiography Plug-in

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