ESMINT 2010 teaching course

img_4795_800x600The 3rd Teaching Course of the European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy took place in Barcelona, Spain in December 5-10, 2010.

During this course a workshop on AngioLab was held, where participants could learn the potentialities of the software through hands-on sessions. The teaching course objective was to present future trends on image-based minimal invasive treatment planning and quantification in cerebral aneurysms and to evaluate the usability and potential interest of this platform as a clinical decision-support system in daily practice.

AngioLab: image-assisted planning platform for the embolization of cerebral aneurysms.

In this teaching course, the attendees had the opportunity to test and evaluate the AngioLab platform on a real case. The course started with the geometry of a real aneurysm extracted from standard angiographic images. The relevant images and a summary of the most relevant events from the patient’s clinical history were provided so that the attendees could decide which treatment to use on the basis of clinical data commonly available in clinical practice. Then, the attendees had the opportunity of virtually treat the aneurysm with AngioLab, in order to compare and evaluate different therapeutic alternatives, including coil embolization either stent-assisted or not. Finally, the attendees were able to evaluate the flow alterations induced by the presence of the virtual devices and compare them to the untreated case. For this, flow simulations visualized as virtual angiographies were used for several of the simulated treatment alternatives.