User Documentation

Download User Manual for GIMIAS 1.2.0 (pdf)

Download User Manual for GIMIAS 1.1.0 (pdf)

Download User Manual for GIMIAS 1.0.0 (pdf)

Download How to Build GIMIAS Tutorial for GIMIAS 1.0.0 (pdf)

Developer's wiki

Find documentation and examples to assist the development of a GIMIAS plugin in the Developer's wiki.


I. Larrabide, P. Omedas, Y. Martelli, X. Planes, M. Nieber, J. Moya, C. Butakoff, R. Sebastian, O. Camara, M. De Craene, B. Bijnens, and A. Frangi, GIMIAS: an open source framework for effcient development of research tools and clinical prototypes, in Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart, 417-426, 2009.

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