GIMIAS release includes the framework and the common plugins. The rest of plugins are not freely distributed, if you are interested, we are open to collaborations, please contact us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


Stable Release

GIMIAS 1.8 (Aug 2016) windows linux

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Other deployment

GIMIAX alpha release (Dec 2015)

Other Releases

GIMIAS 1.6 (Sept 2015)

GIMIAS 1.5.r5 (May 2013)

GIMIAS 1.5.r2 (September 2012)


We ask users of our software to acknowledge it in their publications and inform us of these publications. You can use the following acknowledgment and/or citation. Please send us references to any publications, presentations, or applications that make use of GIMIAS.

Aknowledgement. "This work was made possible in part by GIMIAS open source software framework ("
GIMIAS citation I. Larrabide, P. Omedas, Y. Martelli, X. Planes, M. Nieber, J. A. Moya, C. Butakoff , R. Sebasti√°n, O. Camara, M. De Craene, B.H. Bijnens, and A.F. Frangi. Gimias: An open source framework for efficient development of research tools and clinical prototypes. Func Imaging and Modeling of the Heart, ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5528:417-426, 2010.
[bibtex] [doi:10.1007/978-3-642-01932-6_45]

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