Graphical Interface for Medical Image Analysis and Simulation

GIMIAS is a workflow-oriented environment for solving advanced biomedical image computing and individualized simulation problems, which is extensible through the development of problem-specific plug-ins. In addition, GIMIAS provides an open source framework for efficient development of research and clinical software prototypes integrating contributions from the Physiome community while allowing business-friendly technology transfer and commercial product development.

  • Translating Research Workshop sm

    Software Tools & Skills for Translating Research into Pre-Clinical Prototypes

    Hands-on Course, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

    Bridging the gap between world‐class research and professional software development to deliver the next generation of computational imaging software prototypes for clinical translation

    Oct 20th to 24th 2014

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  • GIMIAS in use: MySpine medical workflow

    Executed in the VPH-Share infostructure

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